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YOOZ Unveils Revolutionary SMART VAPE Products at World Vape Show

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The World Vape Show, held from June 12-14, was abuzz with excitement as the renowned vape brand YOOZ introduced its four groundbreaking smart e-cigarette products. With this bold launch, YOOZ aims to establish itself as “THE FIRST SMART VAPE COMPANY IN THE WORLD.” The brand’s innovative approach and ambitious vision were clearly on display, capturing the attention of attendees and setting the stage for a new era in the vaping industry.

YOOZ’s Grand Entrance and Strategic Vision

YOOZ’s participation in the World Vape Show was no coincidence. The show’s strategic location has turned it into a premier international exhibition, attracting e-cigarette dealers from all corners of the globe. Seizing this opportunity, YOOZ made a grand entrance, unveiling its new product series and announcing its ambitious vision. The brand’s intention to revolutionize the vaping industry was evident, signaling a transformative international strategy.

Founder Cai Yuedong emphasized that the innovative technology behind their products is more than just a display screen. It’s about creating a compelling user experience through unique product functions and designs. With this in mind, YOOZ’s new SMART VAPE SERIES was born. Featuring the largest screens and the most advanced functionalities on the market, these products aim to offer users an unparalleled interactive experience. The investment in both hardware and software highlights YOOZ’s commitment to meeting diverse user needs through intelligence and personalization.

The Revolutionary SMART VAPE Series

During the interview, Cai Yuedong revealed that YOOZ’s initial plan involves launching several smart e-cigarette series products, with a future goal of transforming all product lines into smart e-cigarettes. At the World Vape Show, YOOZ showcased four new smart e-cigarette products, each catering to different user preferences including disposable, cartridge-changing, and open systems. This diverse lineup demonstrates YOOZ’s dedication to innovation and its readiness to fill gaps in the current market.

YOOZ recognized the increasing popularity of large-screen e-cigarettes in disposable products, while cartridge-changing and open systems lagged behind. Addressing this gap, YOOZ developed smart e-cigarettes with screens for these categories as well. This move not only highlights YOOZ’s innovative spirit but also its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to vapers worldwide.

Unveiling the SMART VAPE Series Features

The new SMART VAPE series products are equipped with YOOZ’s exclusive electronic cigarette interactive system 1.0. This system encompasses all existing functions in the e-cigarette market while introducing unique features that set YOOZ apart. Users are often captivated by the powerful capabilities and personalized design of the SMART VAPE series at first glance.

Highlighted Features of SMART VAPE

  1. Phone Function: Users can connect their SMART VAPE to their mobile phones via Bluetooth, enabling seamless call answering and making communication more convenient. Imagine puffing away while chatting with friends without missing a beat!
  2. Game Entertainment: Boredom is a thing of the past with SMART VAPE. It comes preloaded with seven well-designed games, perfect for one-handed operation. These games add an element of fun, making the vaping experience more entertaining.
  3. Personalized Screen Animation: Expressing personal style has never been easier. SMART VAPE offers a variety of unique screen animations, allowing users to switch effects based on their mood or preference. It’s like having a mini digital art gallery right in your hand.
  4. Diverse Suction Sound Effects: Customization reaches new heights with four different suction sound effects. Users can choose their preferred sound to enhance their vaping experience, making each puff uniquely satisfying.
  5. Exclusive APP Interconnection: The SMART VAPE series comes with an exclusive app that facilitates easy connection between mobile phones and e-cigarettes. This app allows users to control various interactive functions of the e-cigarette, elevating the intelligence level of the vaping experience.

Looking Ahead: YOOZ’s Future Plans

Cai Yuedong stated that YOOZ plans to continue expanding its smart e-cigarette offerings, gradually transforming all product lines to incorporate smart technology. The introduction of the SMART VAPE series is just the beginning. By focusing on user experience and technological innovation, YOOZ is set to lead the market in smart vaping solutions.

YOOZ’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design is clear. As the brand continues to push boundaries and set new standards, it is poised to become a dominant force in the global vaping industry. The World Vape Show was merely a stage for YOOZ to showcase its potential, and the future looks incredibly bright for this forward-thinking company.


At the recent World Vape Show (June 12-14), YOOZ, a prominent e-cigarette brand, unveiled four innovative SMART VAPE products, positioning itself as “THE FIRST SMART VAPE COMPANY IN THE WORLD.” This strategic move highlights YOOZ’s ambition to revolutionize the vaping industry through advanced technology and user-focused design. Founder Cai Yuedong emphasized that the key to their success lies in the innovative functionalities and personalized designs of their products. The new SMART VAPE series, equipped with large screens and exclusive features like phone connectivity, games, personalized animations, and diverse suction sound effects, aims to enhance the user experience. YOOZ’s ambitious plans to transition all product lines to smart e-cigarettes demonstrate their commitment to leading the market in smart vaping solutions. This news marks a significant milestone for YOOZ as it continues to set new standards in the global vaping industry.